Three Developer Articles that Interested Me This Week — 12/12/2022

Nick Hodges
1 min readDec 12, 2022


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7 Unnecessary VSCode Extensions You Should Uninstall Now

If you are like me, you have installed VS Code extensions like a drunken sailor. VS Code keeps improving, and many of those extensions are now redundant. Here are seven you can probably get rid of.

Experiment: The hidden costs of waiting on slow build times

The math on developer time vs. hardware costs is so blindingly and obviously on the side of always getting faster hardware. Yet so many companies skimp on hardware. The point of this article makes that abundantly clear. Shoot, Jeff Atwood wrote about it over a decade ago. It’s even more true today with cloud resources.

You Don’t Need A UI Framework

I like this contrarian perspective. While I get what he’s saying here, I don’t know that I completely agree. I have zero design sense, and I also don’t have a lot of capital to pay someone to design a site for me. Reaching for Bootstrap seems like a reasonable course of action. But I take his point that a guy like me can’t really make things look good, even with Boostrap.