Three Developer Articles that Interested Me This Week — 03/06/2023

Nick Hodges
1 min readMar 6, 2023


Almost every Monday, I post three things from the world of software development that interest me or otherwise catch my attention. Subscribe via email and get this in your inbox every Monday.

Start coding at the point of least certainty

This is sound advice. Like anything, doing the most challenging thing first is a great idea. Before you build the scaffolding, make sure that you can actually build the building.

Only Solve One New Problem At A Time

This post isn’t that different from the previous one. The concept of “one thing” is critical to good development. As mentioned above, start in one place. Solve one problem at a time. Make things do one thing. Make one change and then test.

Coding Sucks Anyway — Matt Welsh on the End of Programming

I disagree that AI will end coding jobs, but I do think AI will radically change how developers do their work. This is an interesting article and he does have some fascinating things to say. (I just read the article and didn’t watch the video.)