Three Developer Articles that Interested Me This Week — 02/20/2023

Nick Hodges
1 min readFeb 20, 2023


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The age of Agile must end

Frequent readers will know that I’m not an Agile fan and think it is holding us back as an industry. This article pulls precisely zero punches. I’ve generally been a fan of the Agile Manifesto as initially conceived, believing that it hasn’t been properly interpreted and adapted, but now I’m starting to doubt even that.

WebAssembly vs. JavaScript: Security, Speed, Flexibility

I’m fascinated by WebAssembly. I used to think JavaScript was the “Assembler of the Browser,” but I guess WebAssembly is. And now that there are runtimes for WASM everywhere, I don’t understand why any compiler would produce anything but WASM. Or will someday, eh?

Web3: The Future of the Internet is Here — But what is it?

“Web3” is bandied about quite a bit and seems to be a very misunderstood term. This article does an excellent job of describing it and discussing the technology behind the hype. I’m quite sure that this is all inevitable. Remember, it’s not just all about Bitcoin.